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During ours customer enjoy the period of Glory and admiring from his user,we are one of the hands that behind which help them to materialize such radiant. Because our deeply believe be a good supplier relationship should done it . "Marvelous!! ,That's the conclusion from our client who just achieved some of their wish and arise the competitive ability from the "commercial battle field" that's why we were a promoter on the behind never less and never more!!.

Today the Pro-Stone Systems Company is a diversified manufacturing but back to our founding day of 1995 , We continue to be in the position of playing the OEM / ODM supplier role as most of our client are Exporter & Manufactres who's products register for CE marking /UL safety (75%) and spread from local to world wide-globe today.

With the era of the internet a brand new services allowing us to merge the exporter /design /manufacture power to dedicate our resourc to you, And we hope such effort will gain your and us glory.

Our cost reduction is simple the best ,meanwhile offer the high quility of semi-products for our client at the field of industry and commercial purpose then to achieve theirs glory is our obligation and duty.What we alway count on ??!! The answer is --Strong design and manufacturing capability and your supports That'all!!











The Partial Assembly That We Made:
1.)Sauna(Steamer) Controller.
2.)DC Motor Controller/Driver
3.)Tachometer /Various Counter /Trans Sensor For Vehicle.
4.)Battery Charger /E.U.S.(Hospital Grade)....etc.

The Products That We Offer:
1.)Sauna Cabin(DIY Assemble)
2.)Maxpower Battery Charger / Electronic Surgical Unit(E.U.S.).
Some examples of the Intellectual Property That We Registered:
1.)Real-Time E-Mail Infor Systems
2.)Multypurpose MODEM
3.)Color Comb