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All the products in this website you saw are made in TAIWAN,some are approved by CE/VDE/UL..

Some documents on this web site can be licensed from Prostone-systems Company free of charge ,such as use of partial patent ,detail engineering dimension and speifications( in CAD form) ,Please visit the Patents page for the lastest information.

Most of our products are slim partial assembly that is designed for chassis mount, especially for industries and commercial application ,Our products offer very good value because of our durability, high quality and low price. please visit our"Products" page for further informations and fill out our "Inquire" for samples request, detailed product specifications or product literature.

If you cannot find the product or partial assembly that you need at our site, please visit our "ODM/OEM" section for out step-by-step instructions to specify your product requirement,or go to the "Contact Us" section to tell us your requirements...



We help our clients reduce their product cost by out-sourcing our products and service. As well, we reduce our client's administrative costs associated with global purchasing by eliminating the need for offshore agent office. With our design, engineering and manufacturing and marketing background, we also asssist our clients in manufacturing, marketing and distribution outside of our client's geograpgical location. Please visit our "Our Spport" section of our web site.

Please join us in the intenet global village to obtain more information in the field of commodities. Please visit our " Partner "section













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