ProStone-sys 2020 Newly developed products  -MFDD-  Professional time temperature sensing display Waterproof,meets the IPX6,CE,Full Stainless steel,Customizable temperature sensor length

20 years of R & D experience


20 years of ODM and OEM foundation,extensive experience in various controllers
From vehicle speed sensor, motor control, temperature detection and control, light control, water pump to five-way valve...all designs are available

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Since ProStone-sys establishment in 1992. We started as an OEM / ODM company. Since the small company of two person, we now have developed our own production line and committed to satisfying customer needs. After the customers put forward their needs, from the perspective of R & D, production, and testing, designed by customers to achieve higher benefits in future mass production When the product is in your hands, we also provide a warranty to make the product work more smoothly!!

About us